Sunday, 12 October 2014

Swap meet a huge success

KWC 2014 Swap Meet a resounding success

Last weekend saw the 3rd annual Kapiti Wargames Club Swap Meet

Gamers came from all over the region, Wellington to Palmerston North, the bring their wares, swap, trade and socialise. When the dealing was done, a few impromptu WHFB and LOTR games took place, and also a BBQ and Fluff Fest. Before we realised what had happened, we had spent 3 hours solid talking gaming, WHFB fluff and tournaments, strategy and speculation on the End Times, 9th Ed, etc, etc,  Ok, blame the wine, beer and BBQ, great weather and great company

Alter a brief pause for dinner the group launched into a round of Munchkin. A hugely addictive card game. Feel another addiction coming on...

Anyhow, a great time was had by all. Personally I found some slayers for my Dwarven throng, Vampire Characters, some useful sprue bits, and an Empire Engineer. Luc found a great deal on half a Lizardmen army, Kroxigors galore, and teranodons. In amongst the Kroxigors were 3 Fimir! Oh yes, and I got a Vargulf at a steal!

Generic Fimir pic off the net

Generally hard to come by, with a cult following these three beasts will make a useful addition, either fielded as Kroxigors, as which they were painted, or in Storm of Magic games.

Click HERE for a link to Mr Saturday's Mumblings, a blog I follow with great Fimir models and conversions.

Cheers for now,