Sunday, 11 October 2015

4th Annual Swap Day: 2015 a success

Sunday saw our 4th annual swop day.

 Recent developments in the gaming community (GW killing off the Warhammer World and Gamers flocking to KoW) has impacted quite severely on the sale and swopping of gaming bits, with attendance and numbers of traders down significantly from last year.

I don't think anyone sold a complete Warhammer army. This is in start contrast to previous years where whole armies sold at the drop of a hat, and punters almost got to fisticuffs over useful or choice bits. X-Wing saw some trade, as did FoW, and OK, I bought some GW stuff for conversion

Never the less brisk trade took place, and everyone went home happy. Either with cash in pocket or with items in hand!

So few traders came on the day that a third of the hall could be could be used for gaming a 40 K tournament.

Photos Dave Oemcke

I for one went home happy with a sale of GW cases paying for some great Olley's Army Scrunt Miniatures off Jayden. I have coveted these for some time.

Also found a Norman Army in 28mm, which prompted me to go home and buy the SAGA rulebooks off Gripping Beast with the unspent $$ burning a hole in pocket. And some Vikings off Magic Ape while I was at it. Anyone keen for a game of SAGA ?  (Coming to the KWC near you soon)
 - Herman

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

4th Annual Swap Meet & 40k Tournament

We're having our 4th Annual Swap meet at the Kapiti Wargames Club. Feel free to bring along your gaming bric-a-brac, your new and used and unloved miniatures so that someone may love them, except slaaneshi ones. That's just plain wrong.

In the past they're have been thousands of dollars worth of games, miniatures and scenery exchanging hands and you should be able to pick up a bargain or 2 or 3 or 4. I know I have. There will be pies and refreshments in the canteen available as well.

Last but most importantly the details;

Sunday 11th October 10 am

Kapiti Community Centre

Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

Monday, 8 June 2015

KWC Open Day 2015: Photos from an Exhibition

Open Day 2015: Kapiti Wargames Club

Sunday saw KWCs 4th annual open day. We had quite a good turn-out, with many enthusiasts and members of the public turning up.

Display games included Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, 40K and X-Wing, Warmahordes, Infinity and Black Powder

We also had a mini diorama celebrating KWCs involvement with Sir Peter Jackson's Great War Project:

Vignette of Chunnuk Bair. Mortal Combat: Turks and ANZACs in hand-to-hand Combat
(Photo: Roly Hermans)

Soviet Forces being deployed by Bruce. Jayden and Matt giving advice. 
Flames of War in 20mm

Finalists in the Golden Griffon Painting Compatition

Judge David in Action

Best of Show

Senior Winner: Sam Campbell

Roly's amazing NZ Maori Wars display

The Pa (Maori Fortfied Village)

Defense of the Church

Settler Homestead under attack 

Skirmishers in the long grass

Even the Royal Navy got involved

Spectres from the forest: A nasty surprise coming

From the past to the future: X-wing

And Warhammer 40K


All in the family: The Campbells walking off with all the prizes:

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

KWC Open Day 2015 On again!

Reminder of our club's open day this Sunday

I will be doing a FoW 20mm Defense of the Reich German Panzer vs Soviet Guards Demo Game

Kapiti Wargames Club to have open day after recent collaboration with Sir Peter Jackson

Table-top strategy games with miniature models have led to a number of Kapiti wargamers and modellers working with Sir Peter Jackson and the Weta Workshop on his World War 1 Battle of Chunuk Bair diorama project. The club has enjoyed local and international media exposure following their involvement with Sir Peter’s Gallipoli project. They offer the public the opportunity to come see for themselves how it is done:

The Kapiti Wargames Club (KWC) have their annual Open Day on Sunday 7 June from 10 am at the Paraparaumu Community Centre (Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu). This annual event (open to the public) showcases the modelling and painting talents of local figure painters and wargamers. The event offers the public an opportunity to try their hand at table-top strategy games.

Demonstration and display games this year will include a Maori Pa Battle Display, World War 2 Eastern Front (Attack on Germany) Tank Battles, Fantasy and Futuristic Science Fiction battle displays.

There will also be a display on the club’s involvement with the WW1 diorama at the Great War Exhibition.

The range of games played include those based on historical fact, fictionalised fact, fantasy and futuristic games. Popular genres currently include Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, Lord of the Rings, Warmachine, Firestorm Armada and Star Wars X-Wing. Many other genres feature from time to time. The club also offers strategy based board gaming and card-based strategy games, such as Magic, The Gathering.

The KWC is a youth friendly environment, with supervised introductory gaming activities for younger players from 4pm; and a session for more mature or experienced players from 7pm. Players of all grades, new and experienced alike are welcome to come try their hand.
The Open Day will run from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 7 June 2015. Entry is free.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chunuk Bair Diorama Finally Opens!

At least a dozen members of the club participated in the Chunuk bair display and finally we can show off some pics. You can check it out for yourself as it's opening today at the Great War Museum

Picture by Roly Hermans

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

KWC Making the Evening News!

The ANZAC Diorama makes the Evening News in NZ

The TV footage of the Chanuk Bair diorama has made the evening news, with shots of at least 3 club members going to air:

Click on on the link to TVNZ's footage:

Saturday, 11 April 2015

More from the Weta workshop and the ANZAC WW100 Project

More behind the scenes photos of KWC working away on the ANZAC Diorama at the Weta Workshop:

A second weekend spent on this amazing labour of love. Our club is honoured to be taking part of this event

Bruce and Shaun spraying sandbags

More spraying: Dust on their shoes. Figures rolling off the "conveyor belt" 
With Roly (Ok, not officially a card carrying club member, but close)

Chairman Sam being interviewed by TVNZ

The painting tables seemed to multiply. Sean, Herman, Reinhold and Dave set up another one. The Perrys need the Maori contingent ! 
"They're in that box that came in with some unassembled figures!: 

" How many do we need ? " ....120 ! 
"How many do we have? .... 18 !
" I thought we were done assembling and painting. 
Apparently not!  And off we go...

How busy can you get? Roly's photo from the Crows' nest: 
TV crew, 3 tables painting and assembling, and the" Conveyerbelt"

Bruce helps the ANZACs arrive

Some familiar faces? The Perrys rendered Roly and Rhys as special characters

And after all that hard work you must surely be thirsty!

So off to the pub for some well-earned refreshment with you !

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

KWC in the Weta Workshop

KWC - Weta Workshop and the ANZAC Diorama

So here we are, probably one of the most amazing events any wargamer can dream of. We are approached to take part in the biggest miniature painting event NZ has ever seen

The ANZAC diorama for WW100 (The 100th Commemoration of WW1)
Clicky to the official blog: Mustering the Troops

Photos placed here depict KWC Wargamers real and fictional, who have taken part in this amazing event. The photos are nicked wholesale from Roly Hermans' blog, totally without permission.

For the full story and Roly's commentary click the link above