Sunday, 11 October 2015

4th Annual Swap Day: 2015 a success

Sunday saw our 4th annual swop day.

 Recent developments in the gaming community (GW killing off the Warhammer World and Gamers flocking to KoW) has impacted quite severely on the sale and swopping of gaming bits, with attendance and numbers of traders down significantly from last year.

I don't think anyone sold a complete Warhammer army. This is in start contrast to previous years where whole armies sold at the drop of a hat, and punters almost got to fisticuffs over useful or choice bits. X-Wing saw some trade, as did FoW, and OK, I bought some GW stuff for conversion

Never the less brisk trade took place, and everyone went home happy. Either with cash in pocket or with items in hand!

So few traders came on the day that a third of the hall could be could be used for gaming a 40 K tournament.

Photos Dave Oemcke

I for one went home happy with a sale of GW cases paying for some great Olley's Army Scrunt Miniatures off Jayden. I have coveted these for some time.

Also found a Norman Army in 28mm, which prompted me to go home and buy the SAGA rulebooks off Gripping Beast with the unspent $$ burning a hole in pocket. And some Vikings off Magic Ape while I was at it. Anyone keen for a game of SAGA ?  (Coming to the KWC near you soon)
 - Herman

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