Wednesday, 15 April 2015

KWC Making the Evening News!

The ANZAC Diorama makes the Evening News in NZ

The TV footage of the Chanuk Bair diorama has made the evening news, with shots of at least 3 club members going to air:

Click on on the link to TVNZ's footage:

Saturday, 11 April 2015

More from the Weta workshop and the ANZAC WW100 Project

More behind the scenes photos of KWC working away on the ANZAC Diorama at the Weta Workshop:

A second weekend spent on this amazing labour of love. Our club is honoured to be taking part of this event

Bruce and Shaun spraying sandbags

More spraying: Dust on their shoes. Figures rolling off the "conveyor belt" 
With Roly (Ok, not officially a card carrying club member, but close)

Chairman Sam being interviewed by TVNZ

The painting tables seemed to multiply. Sean, Herman, Reinhold and Dave set up another one. The Perrys need the Maori contingent ! 
"They're in that box that came in with some unassembled figures!: 

" How many do we need ? " ....120 ! 
"How many do we have? .... 18 !
" I thought we were done assembling and painting. 
Apparently not!  And off we go...

How busy can you get? Roly's photo from the Crows' nest: 
TV crew, 3 tables painting and assembling, and the" Conveyerbelt"

Bruce helps the ANZACs arrive

Some familiar faces? The Perrys rendered Roly and Rhys as special characters

And after all that hard work you must surely be thirsty!

So off to the pub for some well-earned refreshment with you !

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

KWC in the Weta Workshop

KWC - Weta Workshop and the ANZAC Diorama

So here we are, probably one of the most amazing events any wargamer can dream of. We are approached to take part in the biggest miniature painting event NZ has ever seen

The ANZAC diorama for WW100 (The 100th Commemoration of WW1)
Clicky to the official blog: Mustering the Troops

Photos placed here depict KWC Wargamers real and fictional, who have taken part in this amazing event. The photos are nicked wholesale from Roly Hermans' blog, totally without permission.

For the full story and Roly's commentary click the link above