Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thursday Gaming

Thursday Night Gaming. 

Healthy looking club. I think we have had better winter attendance than ever before!

Lovely gaming night at the club last night. Demonstration of Warmachine, 40K and Fantasy games, Memoir 44, Roleplay ...

The Campbells bringing in their Reaper Bones kickstarter deliverys: What fantastic Dragons they delivered!
(Read jealousy) I can see many happy hours of building and painting in Sam and Fern's household!

A new Demon Prince of Nurgle on the horizon for Sam?

We just love the variety of genres we are now seeing at the club.

I'm glad we're fulfilling what we set out to do as committee and that we are exploring the whole gamut of gaming out there.

We all have our favourite genres and manufacturers, but it's great to see some variety, and the club also being a safe haven for an afternoon or evening's building or painting !

Going from strength to strength!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Armourgedon: Death Ride at Kursk: Prokhorovka 2013

Armourgedon: Death Ride at Kursk: Prokhorovka re-fought:

Club Day: 25 August 2013

July and August saw the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Kursk. The telling armoured clash happened around a village called Prokhorovka in 1943.

We had a fantastic club day re-fighting Prokorovka on Sunday!

Battlefield seen from a Sturmovik perspective

German deploymen:t  Panthers and 88 mm cannon of the 3rd SS Div Totenkopf in the North

 Huge table, with enough place for 3 generals aside, but these were a bit thin on the ground on the day.

Interesting relay action ensued through the day, with multiple generals taking command of elements on the Soviet side over the course of the day, and also part of the German side at times. 

Soviet  Guards advancing to meet the Germans, 122mm Howitzers providing artillery support

History repeated itself to a great extent, with the exception that the 1st SS Division Das Reich achieved a telling blow against the Soviet Guards, annihilating their Churchill IVs, and also took control of the one objective, the bridge to the North of Prokorvka late in the day. 

Tankovy following the Motostrelkovy streaming out of Prokhorovka

A Second Guardsunit (Chrchill IV and KV1s) protecting the wood mill and station
Light Matilda tanks covering the flank

Soviets dug in along the railway line - a hard nut to crack. ISU 122s in support

Wehrmacht (Heer) Panthers of Army Group Central advancing, 
Heavy infantry Brumbaer and SIG 33s shelling the dug in Reds

Heer Panzers and elements of 1st SS Das Reich take on the bulge of Russian forces

Light armoured cars race to intercept the SS Recce Zug trying to flank the Strelkovy and spot for the 88s and LeFH 18s of the SS Totenkopf Div.

3rd SS Totenkopf Panthers surge forward

T34s going up in flames

Not much can withstand the 88mm and 75mm Panzer steel

Least of all the Motostrelkovy, who first saw their lead vehicles destroyed, and then the tank killers ensconced in the wheat fields alongside them.

Burning and destroyed trucks causing a bottle-neck that the Shermans just could not get out of, rendering them all but impotent to influence the rest of the course of the battle

Churchills and KV1s charging forward to meet the Heer Panzers, hapless Stuarts already knocked out

The German Pincer movement was about to close, and Army Group South About to capture Prokhorovka in the face of massed dug in Zis 3 guns, when we had to call it a day. 
Not really unlike what happened at Kursk in 1943
Another turn, and it may have been a different story...The dug in Soviets would have been difficult to dislodge from Prokhorovka. 

Chalk it up as a narrow Victory for Army Group South if you count taking the no-mans land objective as a victory point. Herr General Von Manstein would have been pleased.

Great fun with role-play and 40K also happening on the day, and a Memoirs '44 game. Thanks again to all that participated.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Armour Day 25th August

Commemorating 70th Anniversary of the battle of Kursk with games of Memoirs ’44, 20mm and 15mm Flames of War and Warhammer 40k.

10am, Sunday, 25th August

Paraparaumu Community Centre, Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu
Gold Coin Donation