Thursday, 4 December 2014

Inepticon lists and round 1 pairings

 Here are the lists for Inepticon.

First round pairings as follows;

TABLE 1: Sam Campbell VS Bo Patterson
TABLE 2: Alan Hughes VS Nick Jebson (bye)
TABLE 3: Matt Barker VS Aidan Campbell
TABLE 4: Hamish Gordon VS Rex Foote
TABLE 5: James Millington Vs David Oemcke
TABLE 6: Eli Herring VS Evelyn Peglar

Remember to bring your players pack

Inepticon Tournament Player's Pack

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Swap meet a huge success

KWC 2014 Swap Meet a resounding success

Last weekend saw the 3rd annual Kapiti Wargames Club Swap Meet

Gamers came from all over the region, Wellington to Palmerston North, the bring their wares, swap, trade and socialise. When the dealing was done, a few impromptu WHFB and LOTR games took place, and also a BBQ and Fluff Fest. Before we realised what had happened, we had spent 3 hours solid talking gaming, WHFB fluff and tournaments, strategy and speculation on the End Times, 9th Ed, etc, etc,  Ok, blame the wine, beer and BBQ, great weather and great company

Alter a brief pause for dinner the group launched into a round of Munchkin. A hugely addictive card game. Feel another addiction coming on...

Anyhow, a great time was had by all. Personally I found some slayers for my Dwarven throng, Vampire Characters, some useful sprue bits, and an Empire Engineer. Luc found a great deal on half a Lizardmen army, Kroxigors galore, and teranodons. In amongst the Kroxigors were 3 Fimir! Oh yes, and I got a Vargulf at a steal!

Generic Fimir pic off the net

Generally hard to come by, with a cult following these three beasts will make a useful addition, either fielded as Kroxigors, as which they were painted, or in Storm of Magic games.

Click HERE for a link to Mr Saturday's Mumblings, a blog I follow with great Fimir models and conversions.

Cheers for now, 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Inepticon '14

KWC presents to you "Inepticon '14" Warhammer Fantasy Tournament on the 6th/7th of December. So a few of those who were at NZTC got talking about how it's really quiet around master's weekendand how we'd really like their to be an alternate tournament on at the same time. It's for those who miss the cut, don't have the time to give all to get ranking points or just don't give 2 hoots.

This is our first Warhammer Tournament and we're intending it to be a bit of a fun event this year. I will be taking registrations of interest from this Friday 26/09/14. Details are in the Player's pack.

Inepticon Tournament Player's Pack
Army list Template

We intend to run a more serious event at another time.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Annual Swap meet on again!

Heads up! The Annual Kapiti Wargames Club Swap Meet is on again in October!

Diarise it now! The biggest swap meet this side of the Tararuas is on again! WH, 40K, LOTR, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, SAGA, Warmachine, FoW, any scale, any mini!

Let the unwanted models flow! Buy, sell, swap, negotiate! Anything goes (well, almost anything)

Saturday 11th October 2014 from 10 am
Paraparaumu Community Centre
Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

Walk, run, cycle, drive, train, beg a lift whatever: Just get there. Don't miss out!

Bring any unwanted models, bits, books, games, paints, miniatures and game related paraphenalia!

This year we'll also be swapping gaming cards for the first time. Magic: The Gathering and what other games system you'd want to bring. Open to all comers! Stay and game in the afternoon.

Your trash is someone's treasure!
be there!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Full on gaming night !

KWC had a great gaming day on Thursday a fortnight ago

Some pics:

Excellent turnout, with an amazing plethora of board and miniature games going down. Just Warmachine and FoW not present. Saga game (Normans vs Vikings) for the first time, X-Wing, Mordheim, WHFB, WH 40K, Memoirs '44, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Role playing...Wow!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Warmachine Journeyman League

So Chris Otton is running A Warmahordes League next fortnight....

Kapiti Journeyman League

The Journeyman league is a slow grow league aimed at new players to Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes games. Each week of the league you will grow your force from a small battlebox up to a full 35 point army, gaining league points for painting and playing games along the way. As your league point total grows, you’ll be awarded “rank” patches to be stuck on to your mini case to keep track of how you’re progressing. 

How: The club will buy the league patches and charge $5 for each participant to cover this. Please let me know by Sunday 20th July if you are keen to join, we need a minimum of 8 players to make the league work :) Players who joined the last league are more than welcome to play again.

When:The league will start on Thursday 7th August at 7:30 and will run every second week for 6 league sessions. At the end of the league, there will be a one day 35 point tournament organised for you to get your armies pitted against each other for real!

What: The points levels for each session are:
07/08/14 – Battlebox
21/08/14 – 15 points
04/09/14 – 25 points
18/09/2014 – 25 points (caster swap allowed)
02/10/2014 – 35 points (use either caster)
16/10/2014 – 35 points (no restrictions)

A ‘battlebox’ game uses only the models from a Warmachine or Hordes starter set (usually around $50-$60NZ each). There is a handy guide to building your lists linked to the kapiti club facebook page or drop me a line at if you need a copy. You will need to buy your own models for this!

Do you want to know more?

Models can be bought:
Locally: from The Hobby Stop in Kilbirnie 04 891 0771
Overseas: , and many others!

For background info on the world and game:

If you have any questions then drop me a line at



Monday, 14 July 2014

SAGA Demonstration games this Thursday

SAGA Demos at KWC

3 SAGA players will be coming down to KWC fram 7.30 on Thursday 17 June 2014 for a demo of Gripping Beast's SAGA Games

Gripping Beast's Dark Ages miniatures skirmish. Each side has between 20 and 70 miniatures, organised into groups of 4-12 warriors. Miniatures are classed as Hearthguard, Warriors, or Levy, and an army comprises of 6 points of units (1 point = 4 Hearthguard, 8 Warriors, or 12 Levy).

Each faction - Anglo-Danish, Viking, Welsh, Norman - has its own battle board of command options, which are selected depending on the roll of your Saga Dice. Saga Dice have special icons and give your command choices for the turn.

Combat and movement are simple and based on six-sided dice rolls, the real challenge is to use the options from your battle board as effectively as possible. The core game comes with a battle board for the four main factions, with future battle board releases intended to cover other armies and periods.

The first supplement for the game, entitled 'Northern Fury' was released in Spring 2012. It is 22 pages, and contains details and rules for four more factions (Anglo-Saxons, Bretons, Jomsvikings and Scots), one scenario and four separate faction boards; the next was "The Raven's Shadow" with 28 pages - Franks, Irish, Norse Gael & Strathclyde Welsh.

Come on down and check it out on Thursday

Sunday, 11 May 2014

KWC 2014: Our 3rd Open Day

KWC's 3rd Open Day

Just got the photos's up, will update text soonest: 
Cheers Herman (Only my photo's so far, except last 2 which I nicked of Bala Menzies' FB page. Hope you don't mind Bala!)

Dave givin' 40K lessons

Warmachine and the popular painting table behind it, 
and Fern firmly in control of the equally popular refreshment stand!

Churchill AVREs landing in 20mm FoW

The 2nd KWC Golden Griffon Painting Competition:

Junior Winner - Small Figure 
Jack Clark

Roly and Paul with their great Ronin Samurai Game


Photo credit Bala Menzies

Photo credit Bala Menzies