Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Kapiti Wargames Club First Saturday and Magic Draft

Hi all, fresh from our first committee meeting of our new committee we have a few things planned this year.

Magic The Gathering Draft Nights

We're doing draft again this year, but this time it will be once a month on the first Wednesday. Cost will be $20 and this month it will be Pure Aether revolt at 7:30pm 1st March.

1st Saturday Gaming Day

Club will not only be meeting each Wednesday night at the Kapiti College Library but each 1st Saturday we're trying to get even more people to come to the Kapiti College Hall. Open from 10am 4th March.

Scenery Workshop and Terrain Working Bee

2nd Club Saturday will be a scenery workshop and Terrain working Bee. This is the time of the year where we inspect all the terrain and do some fixups. I'm hoping to get some city boards flocked and painted up for our 40k cityfight/ww2 stalingrad/Necromunda, etc.urban warfare type games. We're also looking at purchasing new terrain from your club fees but you only get a say if you rock up on the day. We'll be open from 10 am. We usually get in some games after the working bee.

Kapiti Wargames Open Day

Open day is on again this year, we're looking for a day of fun and gaming inviting anybody who wants to come along for demo games, roleplaying, card games, board games, you name it.  More information to be coming soon.

Swap Meet and Inepticon

This is on again for the first Saturday in October, we will be looking to make host more tournaments this year as well as the usuall annual Swap Meet. Last year was an awesome success.

Club Annual Fees

Your $30 annual club membership is due. I will be chasing people up with gentle persuasion and a wooden axe handle for you club fees. These go to a school donation for use of the facilities and towards buying new terrain and fixing the terrain we already have.

Kapiti 5th Annual Swap Meet and Tournaments

It's that time again.