Monday, 8 June 2015

KWC Open Day 2015: Photos from an Exhibition

Open Day 2015: Kapiti Wargames Club

Sunday saw KWCs 4th annual open day. We had quite a good turn-out, with many enthusiasts and members of the public turning up.

Display games included Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, 40K and X-Wing, Warmahordes, Infinity and Black Powder

We also had a mini diorama celebrating KWCs involvement with Sir Peter Jackson's Great War Project:

Vignette of Chunnuk Bair. Mortal Combat: Turks and ANZACs in hand-to-hand Combat
(Photo: Roly Hermans)

Soviet Forces being deployed by Bruce. Jayden and Matt giving advice. 
Flames of War in 20mm

Finalists in the Golden Griffon Painting Compatition

Judge David in Action

Best of Show

Senior Winner: Sam Campbell

Roly's amazing NZ Maori Wars display

The Pa (Maori Fortfied Village)

Defense of the Church

Settler Homestead under attack 

Skirmishers in the long grass

Even the Royal Navy got involved

Spectres from the forest: A nasty surprise coming

From the past to the future: X-wing

And Warhammer 40K


All in the family: The Campbells walking off with all the prizes:


  1. Good to see the day was a succcess. Sorry I didnt make it, I was busy with work.

    1. Hi Scott: Yup. You are working for the worst boss you can imagine now. Working for yourself!