Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Regional Interclub Friendlies: Welllington Warlords

Inter-club Friendly: Wellington Warlords 

       We played an inter-club friendly against the Wellington Warlords on Saturday. 
We had a very good turn-out from both clubs, with both junior and senior players from both clubs attending.
Thank you  to Pete and the Warlords for the Invite! 



      KWC had a great day of gaming. We will reciprocate soon!

Daemons vs High Elves

Gamers of all ages and pursuasions

Plenty of WHFB and WH 40K games, FoW Ancients, Naval Engagement and some other unusual games also happening, and some games and figures on sale.

Also an opportunity to stock up on paint and modelling materials. Most of us got 2 or more games in, good fun good sportsmanship all round! Pukeko Games also came to the party!

Dark Elves vs Lizardmen

Nicely painted salamanders

Ogre Kingdoms vs Lizardmen

Tomb Kings Ranking up

It's all in the roll of the dice...

Flames of War Generals getting started...

I have never seen so many bikers in one army!

Streetwars or Road Rage?

Ancient Enemies

Historical Battles

Clashing Cavalry

Fern overseeing an unholy alliance of Tomb Kings and Dark Elves

against Lizardmen 

Luc taking on the High Elves

Temple Guard Battling the Necrosphinxes

Luc bought a Pandemic (tm) game, which was really fun to play. I found it resembled the actual pandemic mechanics and randomness, spread of disease, etc quite well. The modelling is quite close to what is used by many governments (I know, having consulted for the NZ Department of Labour on their Pandemic preparedness and response)

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