Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2014 Golden Griffon Rules

On the 2014 Open day we will have our 2nd annual painting competition. I've attached the rules below which are the same as last year.

KWC(Kapiti Wargames Club) Golden Griffon Competition Rules and Regulations:

1.Entries must be the work of the painter. Any entry painted by anyone other than the entrant will be disqualified.

2. No more than 1 entry per painter per category.

3. You cannot enter winning models from other contests, conventions, or online competitions.

4. Disqualified winning entries forfeit all prizes, titles, awards, and the painter is barred from entry in future Golden Griffon painting competitions. If an entry is disqualified, awards are given to the next winning entry.

5. All entries must be finished, including bases, within size restrictions as noted separately.

6. Each category must have at least four entries or we will combine it with another category, per judges decision. Management determines final category placement of all entries and can change at any time before or during judging.

7. Entries will be photographed and entry registration indicates permission for Kapiti Wargames Club to show them in all public media, including online and print media.

8. KWC Judges cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost miniatures. We treat all miniatures with respect and will do our best to keep them safe.

9. KWC Judges are not eligible for entry.

10. All decisions of the judges and management are final.

11. Entries must be received by 2 pm on Sunday, May 10th, 2014.

12. Entries and Prizes must be picked up 3pm Sunday, May 10th, 2014.

13. Junior Is categorised as anyone 15 or under before May 11th, 2014.

Judging Criteria:
Judging Criteria are given in order of precedence for each category. When determining the
difference between close entries, they are considered in the given order of precedence.

Technical Quality

defined as the technical proficiency used in the painting and modeling of the entry. Obvious technical faults are mold lines, sloppy joins, rough primer, or sloppy paint.

Artistic Quality

defined as the artistic effects of the piece, including color choices, detail work, and the overall effectiveness of the artistic choices made

Category Details
Single Figure(Junior and Senior): Smaller figure or mounted figure that falls within the size restriction. This includes base, mount, and appendages. A competition judge will rule on any bits , such as a pole, extending beyond the size restriction, at time of entry.

Size restriction: 2" wide x 2" deep x 2" high

Large Figure (Junior and Senior):
Single figures that are larger than the Single Figure restrictions. Large monsters, dragons, warbeasts, warjacks, vehicles or any single miniature that does not fall into the Single figure category.

Size Restriction: 10" wide x 10" deep x 10" high

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