Thursday, 12 February 2015

2015 AGM. Short and Sweet

2015 AGM: KWC - A Healthy Wargames Club !

The KWC had its annual AGM this Thursday. The AGM was brief and to the point.

Committee office bearers were re-elected, with Sam Campbell again the president, Fern the Secretary and Hamish the Treasurer. Formal portfolios were abolished for the other committee members with an uninimous vote to move to committee-members-at-large, rather than set portfolios.

There was a shortage of Junior members present, so the election of junior representatives (under 16s) was held over until the next club meeting. Likewise the election of a club captain, as the existing club captain, Dave Oemcke was also not present at the AGM due to a prior engagement.

Financial statements will be presented at the next club night too, but the treasurer assured the club that balance sheet is in the green. Current club fees and memberships fully cover the outgoings, with an end of-year surplus which was put towards the purchase of new terrain, specifically in the realm of 40K and SF Fantasy. Current membership stands just short of 50 active members, with average attendance of club nights between 20 and 35 players.

It was decided not to increase the door fees, and to maintain the current 10-ticket discount system.
The out-going committee was thanked for their efforts during 2014, and the president in particular applauded. Our inclusiveness and youth-friendliness was again lauded.

8 Years, and going strong in little ol' Kapiti!
Great going guys! An alive and vibrant wargames club! Thanks to everyone that makes it work!

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