Tuesday, 10 May 2016

May Club update

We've moved to new premises which has seen a major benefit of not having to pay for hall. We have access to twice the amount of scenery. We can possibly do 12-15 full 6'x4' tables for a mix of fantasy and/or scifi. At the moment the club members are playing Kings of War, Warhammer 40k, Bolt action, Frostgrave, Flames of War, X-wing and Magic the Gathering.

Club day's First Saturday

From 10am to 4pm we have club day on the first Saturday of the month. Show up for magic, fantasy/scifi/historical wargaming or boardgames.

Fees are due.

These are a one off for the year for $30 and funds go towards scenery purchase and maintenance.

Important days for 2016

1st Saturdays these are the dates for the rest of the year
7/6, 4/6, 2/7, 6/8, 3/9, 1/10, 5/11, 3/12

Magic Draft is every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. these are the dates for the rest of the year.
May = 11/5, 25/5,
June = 8/6, 22/6,
July = 13/7, 27/7,
August = 10/8, 24/8,
September = 14/9, 28/9,
October = 12/10, 26/10,
November = 9/11, 23/11,
December = 14/12

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