Friday, 16 February 2018

Kapitibowl (Bloodbowl) Season 1

As part of some back room deals and shady shennanigans I've been appointed Comissioner of the 2 Kapitibowl Divisions, Group G- Isles of Albion Conference and Group H- Shifting Isles Conference. I gratefully accepted the position after shivvin the high elf snob in the back. Frankly he had it coming.
The divisions are listed here
You need to select "Group Stage (2018 Champs)
Here's the deal on how it works
There are 7 rounds and you play 1 game per team you have per round. You have to play all other teams in your division and the rest you play against other unseeded players in any other divisions. They can be played in any order. You have plenty of time because you have to play your first round game by the 5th March! All teams in Kapiti divisions are unseeded.
Decide and agree who to play with and then schedule the match here

Then print out a PDF report and fillout the details when you play the game.
I will be following up after an amount of time to make sure everyone has a game scheduled each fortnight and all games are logged.

All the rules are listed for the league are listed here.
May the best, nastiest, smashiest and/or alive teams win!

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