Wednesday, 8 August 2012

KWC Swap Meet

A message to all the modellers, gamers and miniture fanatics out there:
We're planning a swap meet at our next club day.

This will be open to all comers. So start rummaging in the garage and under the bed, bring out all those unwanted modelling and gaming bits, the old models collecting dust on the shelves, that army you're never going to play with again. That pile of sprues with leftover bits?

How about that model that's no longer in the codex? The old codex? Bring it on...

A collector may be keen on that ! Terrain and bits ?  All welcome! Someone may be interested. One person's junk is the next one's treasure!

Why not sell or swap what has become useless to you ?

All game systems welcome, bring whatever you've got. Old Airfix models, whole or broken train models, Warhammer Fantasy or 40K, D and D whatever...


  1. What are those pictured sprues? Look like Wargames Factory 'somethings' ...

  2. Just a picture we nicked off the internet for illustration. Someone's excess sprues. I thought I was a mad collector...