Sunday, 2 September 2012

Father's Day Battles 2 September 2012

Great Gaming day on Sunday, attendance a bit low, but understandable given it was Father's Day
Nice to see some new faces gaming, welcome Sam and Fern. 

 Huge 40K Game, 12000 points aside, with a table covered in Orks and Chaos SM.

Another table where the Necrons took on the Tau Empire

And an invasion of the Brood...

Had a great incursion 4800 point of Chaos Daemons, deftly repelled by an uneasy alliance of High Elves and Chaos Warriors.
The warp opens, spilling forth chaos daemons
(Sams amazing creation)

Luc and Fern had a good game too, one of the best moments being his Giant Falling on his Ogres after her Vampire Queen resisted his unfriendly advances.


  1. I should be there tonight some time after 7 with 2400 pts of pure khorn daemons if anyone wants to play.

  2. Can't promise but I'll bring an army too. On call, so likely only after 7.30. Will think about what could make Khorn flakes.