Thursday, 27 September 2012

Games Report

Great games night last night, good turn-out again.

Fantasy Battles:

Herman’s Dark Elves took on Nick’s Greenskins. As predictable the Elves took a toll with their crossbows and repeater bows. The scenario forced the Night goblin Shaman to deploy late, only to be taken out by two units of scouting Shades that appeared on either side of him.

The crossbows also prevented the great-looking pirate themed Goblins with the spider banner from doing much damage. 

Troll vomit accounted for the Cold One Nights, and the High Sorceress but eventually Malus Darkblade saw them off, routed and caught in the pursuit, only to be taken out himself by a doom diver.

The Unit of crossbowmen then had Okram’s Mindrazor cast on them by the surviving sorceress, enabling them to withstand the onslaught of the black orc Big Unzs, (uncharacteristically wiping them out ), but eventually succumbing to the masses of Savage Orcs that bore down on them, but not before taking out the Ork Shaman. (The Black orcs had previously made mince-meat of my Hydra, who only took a few scalps on the roll.) All and all I got soundly beaten by the green tide when you add up the points.

Hamish took on Sam’s Chaos Daemons. I’m not 100% sure of the outcome, but I think the Chaos Warriors did not prevail on the day; and the chaos marauders in particular went home in disgrace.
See Sam's blog for details:

Napalm Elf and Rebel Scum

Great to see a WWII game going down too, not 100% sure what the outcome was there either, but it looked like great fun, as did the 40K games.

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