Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Armour Saves and Ward Saves

So you've got a 2+ Armour save and a 5+ ward save, have you?


  1. exTERMINATEd. Spider Mountains rock.

  2. Very impressive! If only I could get Caradhras to follow my Moria goblins into battle! ;-)

  3. So... I went along to the club night last night and am pleased to say was very impressed. BIG thank you to Mark and David for making me feel very welcome.
    And a HUGE apology to David for cutting our game short (had to go and pick up the wife from a dinner that finished an hour earlier than I thought it would, lol). I was really enjoying our game and would have loved to see how it would have finished. I have a horrible feeling that your Chaos Marines would have been too much for my Black Templars. Again, thank you! Hopefully we'll get a rematch at some point.

  4. Glad you came along. You are welcome to come to the club any time, keep checking our facebook page and this blog for events and weekend games