Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bomb of an Auction coming up...

An online auction has been set up for anyone looking for a "bomb" of a Christmas present.

An Auckland-based munitions collector has put up for sale an original MK 84 500lb (227kg) bomb and a New Zealand New Seacat missile.

Starting bids for both items - which are on offer on TradeMe - begin at $1000, with the online auction set to close at 3.57pm on Sunday.

The 227kg bomb is filled with plaster and the owner states it ''turned up as a garden ornament (minus tail) many years ago''.

''Once I had it checked out as safe (and free from explosives!) by an Airforce ordinance specialist I refurbished the body and sourced an unused 1969 tail,'' the seller wrote.

''It's a totally awesome bomb and would be the showpiece of any collection, another item that would make for the ultimate man cave decoration.''

The seller said it was about 2.5m long and ''very heavy''.

The Seacat missiles is 1.5m tall.The seller wrote that the item was one of the few decommissioned missiles of its type to remain intact.

''Have a look at pictures of all of the major ordinance collections in NZ and you won't see one of these,'' the item's blurb stated.

''This is a truly rare opportunity to own a piece of missile history, a 'must-have' for any ordinance/naval collection and a unique addition to any man cave.''

The seller added: ''I have owned this for close to 20 years ... reluctant sale but looking to fund a new project.''

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  1. OK, so not necessarily a comment on this post... BUT... I'm hoping to get along to your games night on Thursday and was wondering if anyone would have time for a game of 40k against 1500 points of Black Templars?
    I do need to warn you that I am a complete and utter noob when it comes to the rules, so there will probably much gnashing of teeth and consulting the rulebook... :-)

  2. Hiya Craig. You are more than welcome to come along. Plenty of 40K Players (Personally a fantasy and WW2 player)I'm sure someone will give you a game.Lots of new players, we are all constantly learning.
    Early session starts at 4pm, late session 7pm. You're welcome to attend eother or both. Ask for David (He's our club captain, and always willing to take new guys under his wing. If he's not there ask for James, or Tom both are committee members. There is also a junior Rep, Gus, who is always keen for a game) We'd love to see you there on Thursday!Cheers Herman

  3. Very cool. :-)
    I'm hoping to get there around 6:45 or so (coordinating with the wife who is having dinner out with friends up that way, lol)