Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Games Night: Mordheim Kicks off next week, DoC Book out

Games Night, Mordheim Kicks off 

DoC Army Book Release

  • Great Excitement for Daemon Players, Saturday saw the release of the new Army Book and Codex. Some members have already acquired the new book, and are keen to try the new rule-sets for their armies out

  • Mordheim Campaign starts next week, so this week the last to get your warband approved before the campaign begins.Last chance tonight.

  • Club Games Night tonight, as if anyone's gonna forget... but we do like and appreciate your presence at the club!

  • NatCon is on at St Patrick's Hall in Upper Hutt over the Easter Weekend. If you've never attended make a plan to at least visit. Several players from KWC will be competing. As far as we are aware Sam, Fern and Hamish will be competing in Fantasy. Anyone taking part in 40K or FoW (or another game type for that matter)?

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