Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Looking forward: Club events for the year

Looking forward: Club events for the year

The committee  had a very fruitful planning meeting last night: Exciting events coming for this year. The club is going from strength to strength. Sam will be drawing up an official calendar for the year, but here are some highlights to tantalise:

6 April 2013: 


A Demonic Incursion like you have never seen before:

One ma-a-a-assive table, incorporating both 40K and Fantasy. 

What? You've read right:

One table, two rule sets, two genres. Not mixed in though, but terrain allowing both genres to fight on "one" table, basically joining two huge games together, one fantasy and one 40k, with a "Timewarp" in the centre, separating the two, But with the demonic incursion coming from one rent in the warp (one side of the table)

Fantasy will play the Destruction of Kislev, with High Elves and  Empire (Kislev) defending against a massive Daemonic incursion. 40 K yet to be finalised. Lots of smaller games also going down, kill teams, etc too!

4 May 2013 : Interclub meeting with Wellington Warlords - at their venue

30 June 2013:  Open Day

August/September: Exact date to be confirmed

Armourgeddon 2013:

A Celebration of the Armoured Vehicle. 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, the greatest tank battle in history: 

Massive scale WW2 Tank Battles: Flames of War and Flames of War in 20mm and 40K Armoured Battles

October: Annual Swop Meet

Watch this blog for more upcoming news!

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