Thursday, 25 April 2013

Great ANZAC Games Night

Games Night Anzac Day

Good turn-out tonight, looked like some really good games went down. 40k, 20mm WWWII, WHFB, Role play too.

Nick and Herman had a great Druchii Invasion From the Sea game:

Dark Elves attacking an Empire Village Scenario. Druchii made off with a village's worth of slaves and plunder, and left the Empire general and his best cavalry dead on the ground...

Not a cheap victory, as the Dreadlord was the last man standing of the Corsairs, who had hacked their way through a unit of spearmen, a crazed bunch of flagellants and a miltia unit.

The Druchii sorceresses both paid with their lives as their own magic backfired on them, but the presence of the Crone Hellebron in the Witches Unit proved to be a deciding factor. Between her and the Dreadlord the Empire did not even get the chance to strike a single blow in a challenge. BSB on horseback, general on foot, all fell to the Druchii blade!


Check out Herman's and Nick's blogs for more photos and battle reports.

Good luck also  to Hamish, Sam and Fern who are representing KWC at Runefang this weekend.

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