Monday, 8 April 2013

Unspeakable Acts: The Daemonic Incursion

Enemy at the Gates

6 April saw the Daemonic incursion as predicted by the Empire Observers. The Eye of Terror opened, and a host of Daemons poured through the rent in the warp into the realm of mortals, both into the feudal world of Warhammer and the high tech realm of the 40th millenium:

In what we think may be a NZ, if not world first, multiple players (10+) on either side, played a simultaneous Fantasy and 40K game on one big table!

The river Styx separating WHFB from 40K

The Fantasy contingent fought the Defence of Kislev, while the 40K contingent has an invasion of a Jungle World, somewhere in the Eye.

40 K players witnessing the eye of terror opening up

Necrons pouring forth

Flanking the IG

Great fun was had by one and all, resulting in a restoration of the equilibrium:
In the 40th Millenium Chaos and the Daemons triumphed, while in Defenders of Kislev were succesful in defending the ramparts of the city against the Daemonic incursion.

Nurgle Rot-flies invading Ogrish lands

Beastmen and Empire Halberdiers clash

Empire Generals came in all sizes

Empire and Dwarven cannon shot landing on the beastmen

Dark Eldar jostling for the spoils

Ogres don't take likely to Daemonic incursion on their tribal lands

Slaanesh and Khorne assault through a pine forest

The battle ground

Evil side view

To the ramparts

Khorne popping through the Eye of Terror


  1. What an excellent spectacle. Well done.

  2. It was a day of good fun. Looking ahead to major armour battle(s) ("Armourgeddon")to mark the 70th anniversary of the Batle of Kursk.

    We wont confine us to that particular battle, but celebrate armour battles in general, through the ages (incl 40K) Would the Kapiti FoW guys be interested in having some battles at this event?
    The club intends to focus on FoW (15mm) and FoW (20mm) in the run-up to the anniversary.