Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day Sunday 30 June 2013

Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day 


Sunday 30 June 2013 from 10.00

Crowds waiting to get into the 2012 KWC open day
(not really, but we had about a hundred visitors... )

We aim to promote wargaming as a pastime and hobby as a whole. 
Come join us on Sunday for a day of gaming and fun! 
Open to the public and all interested gamers.

Star Wars X-Wing

7 Years War 


WW 2 Flames of War Eastern Front (Standard 15 mm)

WW 2  Western Front 20 mm (Using FoW Rules)

Warhammer 40K Multi-Player Games

Warhammer Fantasy

Club Info & Warhammer 40k ‘Try Your Hand’

KWC Golden Griffon Painting Competition(Open to Paid up KWC Members Only)

General gaming

 Gaming sales and Canteen

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