Tuesday, 2 July 2013

KWC 2013 Open Day Photos

Kapiti Wargames Club Annual Open Day 

Sunday 30 June 2013

We experienced a great turnout of both gamers and the public. All in all we simply had a great day. Games ranged from the futuristic StarWars X-Wing game, through Warhammer 40K and Fantasy to Roly Hermans' Pirate display.

We had Flames of War in 15mm and 20mm, The Seven Years' War,  a 40K "MadMax Gladiator game" and last but not least, the first KWC Golden Griffon Painting Competition.

Warhammer Fantasy

A great big thank you for all the sponsors, committee members, parents, members and visitors that made the day a massive success!
We saw 33 Entries across the categories, junior and senior, small and large models. We'll post a separate post about the Golden Griffon tomorrow, but I thought I'd whet your appetite with some photos from the day:
Warhammer 40K

Warhammer "Gladiator Racing"

Flames of War 15mm


Seven Years' War Historic

Star Wars X-Wing

WW2 Flames of War 20mm
(copyright of 1st two Images Jack Penman Photography)

Golden Griffon:
 Early Entrants

The final field


 Friendly assistance from members' families and the PartyPerfect Catering  team 

 Pukeko Games had a stall on the day, and did brisk business

Links to other blogs covering Battle Reports from this event:

Check back for reporting on the First Kapiti Wargames Club 
Golden Griffon Painting and Modelling Competition

Gaming greetings and copyright of photos


  1. It was a great day - thanks so much for inviting us.

    There is a game report and pics of the Pirate Display here:

    1. Thanks Roly, we had a great time. Your Pirate display proved very popular!
      (Events and leagues co-ordinator, KWC)

  2. Its was a great day, thanks for having us.
    Scott and Paul, for KapitiFoWGamers

  3. Thanks for coming Scott and Paul. Great to have you there again.