Sunday, 2 March 2014

KWC at the Warhammer Fantasy NZTC 2014

KWC at the Warhammer Fantasy NZTC 2014

The winners: "The Team with the Guy"

So we had the 2014 NZTC in Khandallah, Wellington at the weekend. 2 days of luvverly WHF battles in team format. The KWC didn't do as well as we had hoped (or had been buffed up to do)

We fielded 2 teams - Beauty and the Beasts, and 1/250th of the League of Doom.

The experienced Tournament and Masters Level players with killer lists went into B&B (Fern, Hamish, Sam, Nick) and the Newbies with less hard-hitting lists in The LoD. 

1/250th LoD's Team Shirts

Not unexpectedly,  the LoD took out the Wooden Hammer,  or was that Wooden Spoon?  (Rex, Dave, Luc and Herman)

Wood elves vs a Dwarf Gun-line. Any bets on the outcome? 

B&B came 7th Overall in a field packed with International and National Masters level players. Not bad going guys, but not as good as they had hoped to do. An ubiquitous note was the shaming of the person who let the team down by the wearing of a blonde wig and tiara. Nick was the first to sport this dubious honour!

Fern sporting the Tiara

While the Beasts confer

A great time was had by all, new friendships (and enemies? ) made. Kudos to Pete Dunn and his team for arranging this great team event!

The spoils

The topline

and the bottom line! At least not a TOTAL white-wash !


  1. Did you get a photo of Nick in the wig? My phone wouldn't take one

  2. I was sure I got one, but I think the camera rebelled. Will have to check the card. Didn't seem to download !

  3. Do you think we should expose the world to that sight?

  4. Great to see all the Kapiti players down there. Bucketheads came close to swiping the wooden-hammer of the Legion of Doom but somehow I got some points out of my last game so they just snuck in ;)

    Enjoyed playing against both of your teams - guys up here are keen on making the odd trip down to Kapiti games nights too

    1. We'd be keen to play you guys any time. We gladly receive visitors. Gaming on Thursdays: starts at 4 pm till late (11-12 most nights) At Te Newhanga Community Centre, Paraparaumu Would be happy to put on a Saturday or Sunday inter-club friendly too. Have had one w Wellington Warlords last year - great fun.

    2. Wouldn't mind coming up your way for a game or two either