Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday Game Night

Game night again last night!

I was only able to come up at 8, but able to get in a great fantasy game with my Daemons. Have not run them since the new book came out last year, in stead concentrating on the Druchii. After NZTC I think we're all a bit tired of our usual armies! Sam ran his Mantic Ogres for the first time. Lovely Figures.

Generic Mantic Ogre Pics

Being a bit green on the Daemons he was the obvious opponent to play, given his huge experience with Daemons at tourament level.

 Luc isn't sick of his Ogres yet, so ran them against Nicks Nautical themed Greenskins. Saw 40K going down in at least 3 games, and I think there was a Warmachine game as well. Not sure what happened in the junior session. Not a huge turnout, but I had a ball anyhow.

The Ogres-Daemons game was a real grindfest, with Sam eventually getting a 13-7 victory.
Sam ran an Ironblaster,  Leadbelcher bus, Ogre Irongut Deathstar and 3 Firebellies, 3 dogs to distract!
 I ran Slaaneshi daemonettes, 2 Beasts of Nurgle, Soulgrinder, Bloodletters and 10 Horrors, 2 x 5 Dogs, Can o' Khorne; Daemonprince w Exhalted Gifts. My one Beast spent the whole game chasing one of the sabretusks in circles before finally gobbling it up. Highlight for me was my Soulgrinder snipe-grabbing his general from his gutstar and squashing him in his Deathclaw! Woohoo!

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