Friday, 26 October 2012

Daemons vs Dark Elves Photos

Daemons vs Dark Elves last night

Dark Elf Crossbowmen lining up behind a hedgerow, waiting for the Dark Portals to open

The Dark Riders charge forward as to shield the Witch Elves and Cauldron from the charge of the Daemonettes, and in the process, pay the highest sacrifice in the service of Khaine.
 The sight of their blood  fuels the bezerk frenzy of the Hag and her followers, who then fail to charge into contact with the Horrors that were the closest unit to them.

While the Nurgle Herald and his followers languish, like the DE Black Guar,d on the sideline, both units only arriving in the 2nd move of either side

Daemon Dogs of Khorne  intervene to protect their Bloodletter masters from yet another volley of 66 shots of Dark Elf hatred, now at boiling point, after their previous magic phase and shooting had been nullified by Amintok's net.

The Bloodletter herald, and the Nurgle Unit rapidly approach, while the Daemon Prince hungrily eyes the flank of the unit of Blackguard that have descended on the Fiend, who had just dispatched their Repeater Bolt-thrower

Kouran's presence spurs the Elite Blackguard to even greater atrocities, and the Fiend stands no chance...

The fearless Elves hack at the tsunami of daemons descending at them

Only to be whittled away one by one

Leaving only 2 models:  
The standard bearer (who is probably more afraid of Kouran than the horde of daemons), and "his nibs", Kouran of the Tower, both alas, no more...

Leaving the Bloodletters and Daemon Prince to make mincemeat of the crossbowmen. 
The High Sorceress survives, only to flee, caught in the pursuit, and her pointy skull added to the pile of offerings to the blood god.

Meanwhile the Witches and Dreadlord had slashed and poisoned their way through a unit of  Horrors of Tzeench, only  to be led into a trap by that over-friendly and boisterous puppy, the Beast of nurgle, who just had to be charged due to their bezerk frenzy.

 A well deserved victory to Sam's Daemons of Fluff, after a four-hour long battle!


  1. The Photos are awesome. I especially like the one wiht the crossbowmen behind the hedge. I so need to put more paint on my daemons and number my bloodletters for ranking them up.

  2. Thanks Sam, have to bring a tripod next time. I dislike the glaring white light of the flash, (too close for mini's) and many well composed shots end up with camera shake!The crossbowmen behind the hedge is my favourite too.