Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thursday games

Great Games night last night (again) How I love this hobby... 

Sam and Herman went toe-to-toe with Old School Chaos Daemons vs Dark Elves( Modified Storm of Magic List), Hamish and Nick having 2 games in the evening, first Skaven on Greenskins, then Chaos on Greenskins. (Was this the first outing for Hamish's Skaven Army)

40K had plenty of games going, as did role play, and the WW2 players were clearly at it too. Noticed a very innovative rail gun on the table which was deserted by the time I arrived.

We've had a call for battle reports. I'll do one on my game with Sam, I'm sure he'll do one from his perspective. How about the other guys?



  1. I'm doing up mine with diagrams and not so many pictures because I didn't take any.

  2. Battle reports do make for good blog viewing, just remember to take your cameras along on the night!

  3. Herman takes good pictures anyway.