Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Some funnies of the Web. 
 "Plastic Dudesmen" by Goatboy: Some great gaming related cartoons!


  1. Here's a random question for you...any chance of seeing a Batrep or two here at all?

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the comment/question. I agree.
    The problem is to try and get members to post battle reports. I post mine on my own blog, and some are posted on Facebook, with links to member's own pages.
    I'd gladly post some if there is interest. I have even written a narrative short story of a Geheimnisnacht fantasy battle. I could I may just post it if there is interest

  3. Well, I'm interested :-)
    I'm a 40k player that has had nowhere to play for far too long...also a family that takes up valuable playing time, LOL.
    I'd be keen to come up and check out one of your gaming nights and/or be interested to know if there was anyone interested in a casual game in the Paremata/Porirua area.

  4. Will do. You're welcome to join in any time. We've always got members who are keen for games. We have Sunday Games days, often open to visitors every 2 months or so.Keep watching the blog or FB page. We've got a large number of 40K players (members and non-members)who are always looking for a scrap. We often put on large scale games, apocalypse and the like. One of our members lives out your way, but he's more into Fantasy. I'm sure if you asked the guys they'd know of somebody. The guys down in Island bay are also keen 40K players (They have an ad up on our FB page) I'm personally a Fantasy and WW2 player.
    Herman (webmaster)

  5. Good to know.
    Many thanks!!