Sunday, 3 February 2013

Back in the Saddle and WoC New Armybook

Back in the Saddle again..

So Xmas (and January is over)
The Club is back in Full swing, Club Commitee members are back, and we'll fire up the blog and the Facebook page again...

Club Nights are back in full swing, with a new RPG starting off, 40K, FOW, WHFB and WW2 all up and running. Had a really good turn-out last week, looking forward to an exciting year.

First off is the Warhammer Fantasy Battles NZ Team Championship in Wellington.

Hamish, Sam, Nick and Herman are going to take part in the Challenge.

Hamish will be fielding his Warriors of Chaos, Sam his Daemons of Chaos, Nick his Greenskins and Herman will be taking his Dark Elves.

New WoC Book and Models out: Impressions from across the net:

- Marauder equipment is now more expensive (essentially come naked)
- Marks are now per model, instead of per unit
- Warshrine is now special instead of rare, however the Eye of the Gods is now a bound spell but can affect more than one unit (d3 units apparently).
- Eye of the Gods, a 12 turns a chosen champion into a Daemon prince apparently, there's one roll that gives stubborn, all the rest are stat increases
- Hellcannon gets 5+
- Chariots are core
- Chaos Lord equipment cost went down, they lose lots of magical equipment just as every 8th edition book
- Skullcrushers are apparently more expensive
- Nurgle spells have dual purpose, ie. nurgle spell that increases d3 T on friendly unit can also be cast on an enemy for -d3 T
New Mosters

1 – The Warriors of Chaos Army Book

First up is the new army book, featuring a hulking Khorne-Champion with flaming axes on the cover. 96 pages in the (now) familiar full-colour, hard-cover format that is now standard for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K.

The army book is now also available for pre-order in Games Workshop’s Apple iBook store. Interestingly, the iPad version is said to have 168 pages, instead of 96; probably due to a different layout.

2 – The Big Kits

For a few years now, Warhammer Fantasy made massive, multi-part plastic kits for huge monstrosities and/or warmachines the cornerstone of each new release. I lament this a little, but this is probably the way things go from a commercial perspective, and it keeps the hobby alive. I just hate the fact that things have become a bit of an arms race now.

This one is no different, though Chaos, in any shape and form, is of course naturally suited for colossal abominations of all kinds. The Slaughterbrute / Mutalith Vortex Beast dual-kit is definitely the headliner of this release as monsters go.

 Slaughterbrute / Mutalith Vortex Beast:

Warriors of Chaos Slaughterbrute

There are other large kits in the release too.

Dragon Ogres multi-part plastic 

Chaos / Gorebeast Chariot 
Along with some of the pre-Christmas releases, such as the Chaos Warshrine, and some old classics, such as the Giant or the Chimera, Warriors of Chaos are certainly not spoiled for choice when fielding “big things”.

3 – The Infantry

Warriors of Chaos Forsaken

Where Games Workshop released lots of large kits for Warhammer Fantasy, they rarely add new models for the more rank-and-file. This release got one such addition: Forsaken. Not too sure why these guys have been rehashed, but it appears that they are now a core choice

I’ve heard some people call them the ultimate new conversion-bitz-box.

4 – The Characters

Nothing new, no new characters.but new figures:

Vilitch the Curseling

New Chaos Lord  and Throgg

Things that jumped out a:
- Sorcerors are now more expensive, but now have access to four lores base
- Lore of Tzeentch is nothing special
- Warriors are more or less unchanged, but now are more expensive if you want to add and special marks or weapons on them then before
- Marauders are crazy expensive for what they are with a 2pt increase with no advantage what so ever, and forget about wargear and marks as then they become substantially more expensive then similar units in other armies
-Forsaken....fairly useless really
-Warhounds true core and cheaper upgrades and now the same cost as a marauder
-DP worth his pts now and can buy armor
-Horseman are now generally cheaper and have no increase for the best load out unlike marauders
- Knights are garbage for their cost unless you thing paying more for a unit that was already phasing out of use is a good thing
-Skull crushers nerfed since their release.
-Mutations and powers are generally awesome and oddly the cheaper ones are the better part of the list.
-Warshrine only exists to make HQ's into DP's or killing machines, but are now a lot deadlier in CC

- Kholek is now usable at a few more pts then 500pts. However he only has a 4+ armor save now.
 (Hoping Kholek's lack of heavy armor is an oversight.)

Throgg went up with very little change for the good. Lost D6 copious vomit but still has the breath vomit attack. Gained a Great weapon.

Trolls lost the mutant regeneration. May upgrade to 2HW. Same points. Supporting attacks may vomit now though.


  1. It looks good, I'm getting myself a copy very shortly.

  2. Marauders now more expensive, as you have to buy MoK for every model rather than unit, nerfed the horde with flails a bit, as is the skullcrushers. Like that Demon Princes are now more of what their name implies...