Monday, 18 February 2013

KWC goes to the New Zealand Team Championships 2013 ( Warhammer Fantasy)

KWC's Kapiti Krushers  goes to the New Zealand Team Championships 2013 

(Warhammer Fantasy Battles)

The Kapiti Wargames Club fielded a team called the Kapiti Krushers at Saturday and Sunday's New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy Battles Team Championships, held and Ngaio Town Hall, in Wellington

Unpacking the armies

The first round of action begins

The Kapiti Krushers team consisted of 

Hamish (Captain, Warriors of Chaos) - centre
Sam (Daemons of Chaos) - right
Nick (Orcs and Goblins) - back
Herman (Dark Elves) - right

The tournament took place over 2 days, with 40 players in 10 teams, each playing 6 rounds in total.

WoC vs Lizardmen

Nick taking on  Chaos Daemons

Sam's Bloodletters on the rampage

 Second Round: Team Omen

Nick facing the Empire

Sam taking on High Elves

Hamish dealing with a Vampiric incursion. Excellent support for the team provided by Fern throughout the two days, even painting some Skaven, to boot...

Some armies were absolute works of art...

Peter Dunn's Ogres on the march

Chaos Dwarfs dominating a group of Harpies. Even the Dark Elf shades from the adjoining table have something to say...

Nick taking on the Empire again, this time from the Capital Crusaders, an Aussie team

The spoils

The Victors: The Von Trapp Family (Also known as the Dunns)

A mountain of terrain to be put away after the games

This was my first tournament, which I approached with just a bit of trepidation, but I found all the opponents I came up against accepting of my lack of tournament experience and ignorance of some of the finer niceties of the 8th edition rules. Took out a win against Lizardmen, Two draws (Brettonia and Dark Elves) on my first outing

We came in 8th overall, which was a little disappointing for some, but I am generally quite satisfied with our performance (being the newbie)

Still some bragging rights in that: I suppose KWC's Kapiti Krushers are now Ranked no 8 team in NZ until next year.

Not bad for a start, I think... And…we beat the Aussies (yay!)

Check my WHFB blog for more detail and photos: Trouble in the Border Provinces

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