Friday, 22 February 2013

First 20mm FoW Game at the Club

First 20mm FoW Game at the Club

Panther D

Thursday was another good club night, second session was a bit quiet, but still enough players for 3 games to go down:

Hamish's Skaven against Sam's Daemons. At last look (they were still playing when we left): 

Looked like the Daemons were slowly going under in a Vermintide

 Dave and Michael (Not too sure exactly what happened either), looked as Chaos SM on Chaos SM, poss Michael pipping Dave? 
I was too focused on trying to make head or tail of the Flames of War Rules, LOL

Flames of War in 20mm:
Finally took the plunge and had a go at FoW rules, but of a change from WWW2 and 40K rules, and a departure from using ballistic skill to hit. Struggling to get my head around rolling on your opponents experience to hit, but I guess that will come with time. Just feels wrong.

Anyhow, two greenhorns (Luc and yours truly) attempted a "Dash for the Village" Late War Scenario, with me playing Panzer Grenadier (2 Platoons of Panthers) vs British Armoured Platoon (M4 Shermans, Firefly platoon and  M10 Achilles). Luc inflicted most damage with his Fireflies, I took out a Sherman with my LeFH 18s, and failed to stop him from taking the Village/Farm with his motorised platoon, despite PzGren with Halftracks intercepting and pinning him in the ploughed field. Quite hard going, with neither of us familiar with the rules. Michael promised to pile in next week, so that may well be a more enjoyable experience. Fun, never the less!

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